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We all want more of the good stuff . . . clinging to the fleeting good times and cringing against the waves of pain as we hope and pray this too shall pass -- quickly. In Dot's high-tech academic career her Zen practice may have been a cool commodity that she wore with as much pride as her Birkenstocks around campus. But when she found herself unable to stand in front of a class any longer, when the dysautonomia had taken a turn that would never let her turn back her life ... that's when the practice became the path.

The word Lila is sanskrit for the cosmic play.

In The Lila is a story about a woman who finds herself facing a life limiting illness and within the boundaries of a two dimensional social networking game begins to question what is real as well as what really matters in her life. A warm story of courage and perseverance, our main character Dot is drawn into the enquiry not unlike many modern day seekers of Truth. But in her high-tech dotcom domain the ashram and sangha are found in a most unlikely of circumstances. Amidst the medical jargon of dysautonomia and the adorable hairless Xolo dogs that stand by Dot's side this unusual account of a healing journey takes us out of our own egoic story and into a place of endless possibility. There are no spoilers to be had by saying that there is no magic bullet or fairytale endings. But within the groundlessness of the teaching there is something here for each of us to open up the sacred conversation about Life in the Lila.

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